UI: Archaelogy

My first UI Design work for large web applications, 2009-10. The Discovery Programme, the Irish State’s foremost archaeological body, contracted me to UI Design 2 applications for Irish archaeologists to database their findings. It would then be rolled out across Europe.

archaeology site button design archaeology database button design archaeology site button design

Case Study

There were to be a huge number of data fields in each database and each screen. We had some nice huge animated buttons on the homepage of the database interface (above). Below you can see my ‘flatter-aesthetic’ 2016 re-design, artworked in ‘Sketch’ app.

archaeological design

Below: My 1st of my updated level-screen designs. The aesthetic is flatter, neater, and easier to use—with bigger UI elements for touchscreen. With less skeumorphic/realistc buttons etc.

archaeology design

Below: Next, when the user clicks down a level deeper, as in this ‘Samples-level’ screen, the first of  series of large ‘breadcrumbs’ links appears. Watch the ‘breadcrumbs’ as the multiply from left to right. Each of those can be clicked on, to go back a level.

archaeological designarchaeological design   archaeology design

Below: Next, the archaeologist edits data for an individual Fragment, below:

archaeological design

Case Study